Kenya: At least 300 families in Kenya's Homa Bay County and 50 additional families in Kisumu displaced by ongoing flooding

Rescue People Without Hope

Send highly specialized first responder teams into war zones and hard-to-reach areas around the globe.


Wars are igniting. Earthquakes, flooding, and death are reality.

Loved ones are going missing. Families are being torn apart. Chaos is unfurling. People are dying without a single glimmer of hope.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Our teams are ready to respond with love, hope, and physical aid. When deploying, we focus on hard-to-reach areas.

When disaster hits, we're among the first on the ground and we touch people at their lowest.

Our teams are highly specialized and ready to respond to the worst of disasters.

  • Every team member has certifications recognized world wide
  • Each team is trained in ropes, water rescue, medical aid, and communications
Every team member has at a minimum, the following certifications:
  • Intro to SAR with SARTECH III certification
  • Fundamentals of SAR with SARTECH I
  • Advanced SAR with SARTECH I certification
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support for First Responders
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Swift Water and Flood Rescue Technician
  • Swift Water and Flood Rescue Technician Advanced
  • Swift Water Paddle Boat Operator
  • Swift Water and Flood Rescue Boat Operator
  • Rope Rescue Operator
  • Confined Space Rescue Operator
  • Surface Ice Rescue Technician
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior

Now's the Time to Rescue People without Hope

Prof team
Empower specialized teams
Rescue those without hope

What's Happening Now

This year alone, we've had the opportunity to spend over 25 days inside active warzones. While serving in Ukraine, our Advance Team trained 30+ first responders while working alongside an additional 75+ Ukrainian first responders.

We've had the privilege of assisting refugees in Greece and we've rubbed shoulders with orphans in Uganda.

We are honored and humbled to be participating in bringing hope to people around the world.

Stay up to date on where our teams are responding right here on the blog.

Why Chazak Rescue?

Our Core Values

  • Whole heart
    Whole Heart

    A Chazak cadet understands that their whole person (body, soul, and spirit) must be prepared for and engaged in service.

  • Become

    A Chazak cadet commits to leading and following with excellence, professionalism, and humility. In addition, a Chazak cadet always places the team above self.

  • Culture
    Culture of Learning

    A Chazak cadet never stops learning, growing, and striving to improve.

  • Psalm
    Psalm 82:3

    Based on Psalm 82:3, a Chazak cadet serves as a defender, protector, and keeper.

Our Mission

To train and deploy specialized teams to bring leadership, humanitarian aid, and hope to war zones and high-risk areas.

What Makes Chazak Rescue Unique

We equip and send teams of professional first responders into war zones and natural disasters around the world. Whether it's wars, earthquakes, or flooding, our teams are among the first to respond when disaster hits. Our teams care deeply, they touch people at their lowest and they bring hope to brokenness.

Will you join us in rescuing those without hope?
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