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Training Timeline

Training Overview


2 1/2 weeks
5 1/2 weeks
Alpha Training
6 weeks
Core Training
5 1/2 months
Alpha Challenge
7 weeks

Cadets will earn the following certifications:

  • NASAR Fundamentals of Search and Rescue with SARTECH II
  • FEMA IS 100, 200, 700, 800
  • Incident Command Systems 300
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Technician Class HAM Radio License
  • Ropes Rescue Operator
  • Ropes Rescue Technician

Lead Yourself: Be Someone Worth Following


Cadets will earn an associate's degree upon completion.

Third Party Training
2 weeks
Unit Development
4 weeks
Unit Deployment
6 weeks
Third Party Training
2 weeks
Defender Training
9 weeks
Defender Deployment
7 weeks
Specialization Training
14 weeks
2 weeks

Cadets will earn the following certifications:

  • Swift Water & Flood Rescue Technician
  • Swift Water & Flood Rescue Technician, Advanced
  • Swift Water and Flood Boat Operator
  • Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (Medical Specialists Only)

Peer Leadership: It's Not About Position

Deployment Year

All Guardians graduating from Chazak Academy are required to deploy for one year. After a year of deployment they have the choice of continuing on deployment or continuing their education.

Team Leadership: You Set the Standard


Cadets will earn a bachelor's degree upon completion.

Leadership Development
4 weeks
Leadership Deployment
6 weeks
Protector Training
3 weeks
Protector Deployment
32 weeks
2 weeks

Year 3 is not yet operational. It will be launched when funding allows. In Year 3, students will choose between 2 options:

1) Leadership Track
Leadership will be learned by leading and teaching Year 2 Cadets.
Leadership will be applied in the classroom, in scenarios, and on deployment.
A substantial portion of the year will be spent deployed.
Non-medical specialist will earn their WEMT, and medical specialists their EMT-A during Year 3

2) Paramedic Track

Paramedic training will be taken through a third party school.
Chazak Bible courses will be completed in addition to the paramedic training.

By the end of Year 3, Guardians will be cross trained in all rescue specialties – medical, technical, water, comms/incident command.

Both tracks will result in a bachelor’s degree

Team Leadership: You Set the Standard


Cadets can earn a master's degree upon completion.

Keeper Training
Organizational Leadership
First Responder Specialization

Year 4 is still in the conceptual stage. There is no target year set for its launch.

It will focus on the actual development of a new organization or a significant addition to an existing organization.

Students will earn a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

Specialized Training

Training Calendar

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