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The Director Team

Eight individuals leading specialized departments to help finish the mission.

Meet the director team. Scattered throughout the United States, these individuals are working together to make Chazak Rescue a reality. Read their bios here, then scroll to the bottom and see how they all fit together.

Dan Lapp


While he currently calls Pennsylvania home, Dan has lived in a variety of states and countries. He has served as program director of a summer camp, he's worked in EMS and emergency services, he's acted as both youth pastor and life coach, and he has led wilderness adventure trips all over the US and Canada. As chairman of Chazak Rescue, Dan brings inspiration and guidance while staying true to the Chazak vision. He's a real dreamer and entrepreneur at heart and is passionate about discipleship and leadership development in young people today.

Shawn Zimmerman


Shawn has left a footprint in over thirty countries. He spent over three years as a resident of southeast Asia.  An original founder of Chazak Rescue, Shawn thrives when it comes to dreaming big, exploring the outdoors, and traveling this globe. Shawn and Lenae are currently serving as general managers for Deadwood Outfitters in Idaho as part of the effort to bring in additional funding for Chazak Rescue.

Troy Bouffard

Public Relations

After dedicating over 8 years to a range of roles including Marketing, Sales Team Leadership, and Operations, Troy is enthusiastic about applying the skills and knowledge acquired from these experiences to the role of PR Director at Chazak Rescue. One of Troy's passions is turning abstract ideas into tangible and relatable messaging through all forms of media. Troy will be building upon the considerable efforts of Riley Eshbach, the first PR Director with Chazak Rescue.

Robert Weaver


He's a travel expert, he's lived in China for nine years, and he speaks Mandarin fluently. Meet Robert, a man who's quick to serve and loves a good challenge. Robert has filled leadership roles all of his adult life. At Chazak Rescue, he's passionate about impacting the hardest and least-reached areas of this globe while simultaneously developing a generation of God-fearing leaders.

Daniel Beachy

Chief Financial Officer

Holding a bachelor's degree in both accounting and business admin, Daniel is an accountant expert. After working for Gehman Accounting for 13 years, today he is heading up his own accounting firm. Daniel is dad to seven children, husband to Salina Beachy, and enjoys time outdoors. During the summer of '98, he even hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. Today, Daniel is passionate about training leaders of this generation to stand for what is right.

David Graybill


As the director of education, David thrives on teaching, coaching, mentoring, and discipling young people. Toss in an element of wilderness and life just gets more exciting. David's spent the majority of his adult life in Brooklyn, NY, and has served as youth pastor and grade school teacher. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics and secondary education. Most importantly, David cares deeply about the kingdom of God, the church, and the unreached. Within Chazak, he's passionate about equipping each cadet to live for a cause greater than themselves.

Arthur Dexter

Human Resources

As the Director of Human Resources at Chazak, Arthur is dedicated to empowering individuals to excel in their roles. With an enduring commitment since Chazak's inception, he has played a pivotal role in crafting and implementing systems that foster the growth and well-being of Chazak's workforce. Arthur's personal life is equally fulfilling, as he shares his life with his wife Lynette and their two daughters. Beyond his professional achievements, he cherishes moments with his family, embraces the outdoors through camping, and finds joy in the unique adventure of dumpster diving.

Rhonda Kauffman


When it comes to organization and behind-the-scenes work, that’s often where you will find Rhonda. As part of the Director team, Rhonda brings both a woman’s perspective as well as secretarial skills. She enjoys good humor and deep thought-provoking questions. And yes, she’s always up for a good story about redemption and changed lives through Jesus. Today, Rhonda is excited to see how Chazak fits into God’s bigger picture, along with how it will inspire young people to live fully alive in Him.

Chazak Rescue Organizational Structure

  • Human Resources Director

  • HR Assistant
  • Application Coordinator
  • Mentor Team
  • Safety Officer
  • Re-integration Team
  • Member Care
  • Coaching
  • Operations Director

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Intel Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Organizational Liaison
  • Travel Agent
  • Crisis Response Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Security Consultant
  • Event Manager
  • Doctor/Medical Advisor
  • Public Relations Director

  • Donor Relations Team Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Book Keeper
  • Grant Writer
  • Educational Director

  • English Manager
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Book Keeper
  • Bible, Soul, and Spirit Manager
  • Cross Culture Manager
  • Secretary

  • Chairman