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2022 in Review

Chazak Rescue


December 30, 2022

Advance Team in Ukraine:

Ukraine Uncharted

The first official deployment for Chazak Rescue saw the advance team traveling to Ukraine in August. The Team first invested a few weeks in Kyiv where they conducted technical and medical rescue training for 30+ Ukrainian first responders. One such training they oversaw was Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), a much-needed course in Kyiv where there was a severe shortage of medical trainers. They then spent time in Zaporizhzhi a oblast, and Ukraine’s second largest and heavily targeted city, Kharkiv. Their time in Kharkiv was spent working and training alongside a local team of the Rapid Response Task Force.

Advance Team with Ukranian First Responders and Receiving award from Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

The advance team had the privilege of responding to several calls alongside this team. One of these calls was a missile strike that hit an apartment building and killed seven people. They were the first Americans invited to respond to such a call with this particular team, something that had not been allowed before! This Ukrainian Task Force team has responded to some of the worst attacks on Ukraine since the start of the conflict.
Not only was the advance team able to provide physical help but also an encouragement to the first responders who’ve seen so many painful things in the last several months.

Advance Team on site in Kharkiv

Since Thanksgiving, the Advance Team again deployed to Ukraine. The focus of this deployment was to conduct medivac operations and to provide humanitarian relief to medically isolated peoples of Eastern Ukraine. You can learn more about this deployment by following Chazak’s social media accounts (FB, IG) and signing up to receive these monthly blog posts!

Please continue praying for the people of Ukraine, especially those responding to the attacks and those actively serving their neighbors in need. Pray for the pushback of spiritual darkness & for light and peace in the hearts of all personally affected by this war.

Class 1 and 2 Year in Review:

Cadet Testimonials:

Class 1 Cadet — Landon Yoder
“So far. I have enjoyed the training. It has been super intense, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. Once you’re in the field, lives are at stake. You prepare in training so there’s less chance you’ll make a mistake on the field.”

Class 2 Cadet — Rhoda Filbrun
“With a continuation of floods happening around the world, swift water and rope rescue operations training is equipping us with skills needed to go into flooded areas to help save lives!”

Advance Team Cadet — Mindy Snyder
“Experiencing what it’s like to be a first responder entering a country wrecked with chaos was one of the best teachers for me in learning incident command functions.”

Letter from Chairman of Chazak Rescue:

The Mission doesn’t end in 2022. Your ongoing financial support enables us to Finish the Mission of rescuing those without hope!

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