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Wrapping Up Time at Home + Training in NYC

Chazak Rescue


June 7, 2022

In an effort to keep cadets connected with their home communities, during year one of training, cadets complete a six-month home study.

Currently, the team has just three weeks left of home study before heading west for their next segment of training.

Here’s a glimpse into things they’ve touched on during their time at home.

Studying from Home

Life is full for the cadets as physical, spiritual and academic training continues. The last few months have consisted of many academic courses, with physical training in between.

One of these courses was the Perspectives course. Perspectives focuses on learning how to serve well and bring hope to an unchurched area. Instead of planting congregations with a western mindset, Perspectives teaches the importance of allowing the Holy Spirit to work through indigenous communities.

New York City

While the majority of study is currently being done at home, the team has done minimal traveling to various destinations around the US to complete specific pieces of training.

Training in NYC

A recent highlight was training in New York City. In this training, the cadets learned how to scout a new neighborhood for basic necessities such as food, lodging, medical facilities, etc. They learned how to observe a neighborhood from a security perspective and discovered how security needs can change at night.

Scouting neighborhoods

During their time in the city, the team interacted with a variety of people from different cultures, including homeless people, and learned how to improvise on the streets with no resources of their own. Topping it off, they learned how to navigate the city using different methods of transportation.

Navigating and exploring various cultures

An Interview with a Cadet

Q. How has the training impacted you since you first began?

Since Chazak has begun, I have learned a lot about pursuing the Lord and listening to his voice as well as developing my character and integrity as a leader.

Q. How do you see what you have learned being used in the future?

The things I have learned so far can propel me forward to a future in frontier missions outside of Chazak. It is also enabling us as Chazak teams to be effective in the field.

Q. How can we be praying for you?

I just had shoulder surgery two months ago and am currently struggling with a tough calf injury that prevents me from running. I would appreciate prayers for complete healing in both of these areas since I haven’t been able to do any physical training in months.

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God for the many people to which He has given a vision for the work He is doing in and through Chazak.
  • Pray for the Advance team as they prepare to deploy later this month.
  • Pray for the current nine cadets.
  • Pray for the incoming class of cadets as they prepare to start training this Fall.
  • Pray God would continue to provide financially for the growth that is happening here at Chazak.

As always, thank you for being here! We are grateful for people like you who care about finishing the mission here on this globe.

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