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Class 1 Cadets Become Gaurdians!

Chazak Rescue


September 1, 2023

Class 1 Cadets Become Chazak Guardians!

Guardians receiving recognition at Chazak Rescue’s 2023 Graduation ceremony

Class 1 Cadets are now Chazak Guardians after passing The Way of the Cross. This is a Chazak Rescue- administered test that combines similar aspects of the Marine Corps Crucible with first responder and humanitarian aid scenarios. This is the final test for cadets graduating their first 2 years of Chazak Academy and becoming official professional first responders with Chazak Rescue.

Gaurdians after passing The Way of the Cross in WV

During The Way of the Cross, the cadets hiked over 50 miles with packs weighing 55 pounds. They were allowed only 4 hours of sleep per night (including the night before the TWOTC began) and had a total of 3,150 calories to ration throughout the training period which lasted 59 1/2 hours.

During the hike and while under significant amounts of stress, they went through various medical, humanitarian aid, and ropes rescue scenarios.

The Guardian rank is obtained following successful completion of years 1 and 2 and the final test…The Way of the Cross. A Chazak Guardian is a professional international first responder.

Class 1 Cadets becoming Guardians is a significant milestone for Chazak Rescue. Through God’s provision and through the hard work and dedication of training instructors, scenario volunteers, donors, cooks, and of course the Cadets, Chazak Rescue is now able to deploy a team of professional first responders around the world.

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