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October 4, 2021

It happened!

After months of planning and working, the very first Chazak cadet team launched on September 3! During their first segment of training, they traveled to northern Maine for eight days of canoeing and hiking. Their trip included sharing life stories while learning and practicing basic wilderness survival skills. As you can imagine, they encountered lots of sore feet and aching muscles along the way. Already, these cadets are being stretched and challenged.

The first-ever Chazak cadet team!
According to Mr. Graybill, the Education Director, “They’ve gone from being nine individuals to one team. They’ve accomplished hard things with the help of God and the team and displayed a high level of honesty as they related and processed their experiences.

In their own words…

“The Wilderness Trip with Chazak has been the most challenging thing in my life so far. I was pushed to mental and physical barriers I have not seen before and have experienced God in some really awesome new ways. I would not want to trade it for anything.”
“I always thought myself to be well fit physically and mentally. I knew…I was going to be pushed, but little did I know how hard I would be pushed!
“In every aspect of life, I feel changed.
“Most training programs that bill themselves as “insane” generally are just a little outside one’s comfort zone. Chazak actually lives up to the hype of insanity.


Currently, the nine cadets are on their first six-week deployment. Five of them are in Greece serving with i58. The other four are in Uganda and are working with Love And Care For All.

Next time on the blog, you’ll meet our other four cadets: Eugene, Donald, Landon, and Jaden.

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