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Meet the Operations Team

Chazak Rescue


October 27, 2023

Chazak Rescue’s operations team is at the forefront of each deployment. They work behind the scenes to track world events, develop critical connections with countries and organizations, monitor and provide assistance to the team on the ground, and ensure safety throughout the entire deployment process. Meet the team!

Robert Weaver

Director of Operations

Why did you join Chazak?

I am passionate about missions, especially the work of getting the Good News into Unreached areas of the world, places and people that have little to no access to Truth even if they are looking for it. Previously I had lived in Asia for a number of years, so when one of my good friends from those days told me about the vision of Chazak, I was immediately interested. I attended one brainstorming/planning meeting and quickly felt like God wanted me to help build this new organization.

Describe your current role(s):

I am one of the board members for Chazak, a part of the Chazak Ventures startup team, and the Operations Director for Chazak Rescue. As the Ops Director, I lead an amazing team that oversees all Chazak personnel deployments. Together we watch current world events, look at intel, plan deployments, and then monitor and support our personnel throughout the deployment. I coordinate many of the details around our in-house training for the cadets. I also buy gear, line up facilities and cooks, and assist in problem solving any issues that arise.

What excites you about Chazak?

I get excited knowing that I am a part of something that is much bigger than any of us. Seeing and hearing how God has prepared so many people with the skills and passions to do the job they have in Chazak is awe-inspiring. Watching God transform and grow young people into men and women that choose to walk into high-risk areas to share His love and help people in their time of greatest need, is humbling and very rewarding! I am thankful for and find fulfillment in the privilege of enabling people to take hope and help to the darkest corners of the world.

Lucas Bontrager

Assistant Operations Director and Humanitarian Liaison

Why did you join Chazak?

For a long time I always had a heart for missions, and for going into dangerous places, especially places that are not covered by the media. I had been chasing this calling for about 10 years until a good friend introduced me to Chazak before Chazak was an official organization. I originally came into Chazak with the intention of being a cadet but for personal reasons ended up landing in a role within the ops team.

Describe your current role(s):

I currently serve as both the assistant operations director and a humanitarian. My role involves overseeing all operations, including deployments, and working on our protocols and operations manual.

I also play a key role in connecting various teams, such as the ops team, cadets, and field personnel, ensuring smooth communication and support. Additionally, I build relationships with government entities and similar organizations, helping us collaborate effectively. In social settings, I network with individuals and groups to promote our humanitarian mission.

What excites you about Chazak?

Chazak’s mission aligns very closely with my personal mission in life which is to reach as many unreached people as possible, especially those who are distant, hard to reach etc. With my current position in Chazak I am able to help send teams to do the exact work that I was called to do. I get to help multiply my calling.

Joshua Brimmer

Global Deployment Manager

Why did you join Chazak?

As I was exiting the army as a special forces medic, I was put in touch with Chazak by a mutual friend. What started as an interview, became a vision sharing, and a realization that everything I had learned in the last 20 years could be utilized by Chazak. During my initial visit with Chazak, I attended a board meeting that lasted around 6 hours. At no point was I concerned about the usage of the time, nor did I become bored. It was an incredibly intentional 6 hour meeting that displayed the passion and care for the mission.

Describe your current role(s):

My role is to manage all things logistics for deployments for cadets and guardians. I also network and establish relationships with organizations in other countries. Understanding the operational environment that we are deploying to is a critical role I play to ensure safety. My goal is to make sure everyone comes home safely.

What excites you about Chazak?

Everything from my military experience can be used in this role to build God’s kingdom. Using my experiences in life, I can help others deploy well and safely. I view these young people just as I view my own children.

Merle Eberly

Intel Analyst Manager

Why did you join Chazak?

The whole idea behind Chazak always intrigued me, but I never saw a clear path for me to join as a cadet. It was about the time that I was moving back to the US after almost two years on a foreign field that I saw the Intel Analyst job posting on social media. The leading was clear, and I felt the opportunity was a good fit for my personal faith and goals.

Describe your current role(s):

As Intel Analyst Manager, it is my responsibility to keep the information flowing smoothly within our team. I develop and maintain information sources as well as keep a close eye on current events. My biggest task at the moment is building our internal processes for handling the large amount of intel we produce, along with designing a software solution to help automate that process.

What excites you about Chazak?

I get excited about serving people. I also enjoy international travel. The next best thing to traveling internationally and serving people in crisis, is to provide the tools and support for our specialized teams to travel internationally and serve people in crisis. I enjoy my interactions with the teams and the many people from all walks of life with whom I come in contact while fulfilling my responsibilities at Chazak.

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