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Spring 2023 Update!

Chazak Rescue


May 26, 2023

New video released!

Hear directly from cadets on why they joined Chazak Rescue:

Advance Team Update

The advance team returned from Ukraine on April 23rd having completed the transitioning of responsibilities to class 1 who were deployed to Ukraine on March 21st. The advance team helped to build connections for getting Chazak to the front lines for medical evacuations.

Advance Team meeting up with Class 1 in Ukraine

As this was the last deployment for the advance team and so we want to thank them for their service in paving the way for future deployments. Pray for them as they contemplate what life looks like following their time with Chazak Rescue!

Class 1 Update

Upon meeting up with the advance team, class 1 cadets began to carry out food distribution activity. The team was not able to carry out medivac operations as they had hoped however, their intentional presence and encouragement given to various Ukranian families and specifically elderly Ukrainians was well received.

Food distribution and encouragement for elderly of Ukraine

Following their return from Ukraine on April 23rd, class 1 has been spread out across the states and the world completing various specialization training and internships. Be sure to check in with future blog posts to hear about these very specialized activities being completed by the class.

Specialization training is the final step for the class before being able to be deployed as a Chazak Rescue certified first responder team in September!

Class 2 Update

Class 2 has completed the busiest part of their at-home study during 1.4 Core Training. This time allowed them to develop connections and be restored ahead of a busier training schedule. In April the team came back together in PA for fundamentals of search and rescue training. They were also able to mingle with Chazak supporters by taking part in the 2023 Chazak Endeavor Run!

Class 2 Completing Fundamentals of Search and Rescue training and Reading through the Bible in 6 days

The team also completed the Read the Bible in 6 Days challenge and has been gearing up for 1.5 Alpha training in Deadwood ID which takes place in just a few weeks.

Curious what the yearly calendar for training looks like? Click here to keep track of where we are with the training of the various teams!

Class 3 Introduced

A new class has been officially onboarded! This team brings an extensive amount of international experience to Chazak as a total of five recruits have or are currently living and serving overseas. More details to come on the makeup of this class!

Class 3 Team onboarding (3 members missing from this photo)

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Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support of Chazak Rescue!

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